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Rochester summer biathlon results

Mon, Jun  29, 2009 - By US Biathlon Association

The Western New York Biathlon Club hosted a summer biathlon at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club in Rush, NY on Saturday, June 20. Nineteen athletes competed.

Danny Fink of West Virginia and Stephanie Blackstone of Pennsylvania won their respective races.

Fink ran strong and shot 70% to claim the victory in the mens race in his first race since last years world championship. He finished with a five-second margin over Jason Hettenbaugh of New York, who shot 50% and posted the fastest run of the day. However, Hettenbaugh was disqualified due to a closed bolt infraction. Fink claimed a 1:55 margin over Marty Maynard of New York. But, Maynard also had a closed bolt infraction and was assessed a two minute penalty that dropped him to fifth place. So, despite Hoover shooting just 30% he took a distant second to Fink (2:09 back). Brian Lilly of New York came out of retirement to finish third with a 60% shooting effort (3:34 behind Fink).

Blackstone was clearly in a league of her own as she shot 30% and simply rolled through the course to claim victory in her first race since last years world championship. Ildiko Hynes of Canada finished second, fourteen and a half minutes behind Blackstone. Cindy Daly of New York was third, nearly sixteen minutes back of Blackstone.

Next weekend there will be three races in the United States. So, look for other possible contenders for this years world championship team to emerge at Syracuse, New York; West Yellowstone, Montana; or Harvard, Massachusetts.

For those of you who are planning to compete in the World Championship Trials / National Championships at Lake Placid next month, entries must be postmarked by Monday, June 29 (a week from now). So, you are advised to get your entry in the mail this week. The link to the entry form is below. You can also download the entry form and get other event information at the event website:

Click here for entry form for the WCH Trials & Nationals at Lake Placid

Click here for the Summer Biathlon Schedule

Here are complete results from the Western New York biathlon:

Rochester Brooks Gun Club, Rush, NY Saturday, June 20, 2009


Place Athlete State Class P S Time % Back

1 Blackstone, Stephanie PA Senior 4 3 0:21:50 131.06%
2 Hynes, Ildiko CAN Master 0:35:25 88.18%
3 Daly, Cindy NY Master 3 4 0:37:46 80.76%


Place Athlete State Class P S Time % Back
1 Fink, Danny WV Master 0 3 0:19:10 109.04%
2 Hoover, Douglas PA Senior 3 4 0:21:19 98.84%
3 Lilly, Brian NY Senior 2 2 0:22:44 92.12%
4 Day, Chad Senior 5 3 0:22:54 91.33%
5 Maynard, Marty * NY Senior 3 3 0:23:05 90.46%
6 French, Steven NY Master 4 3 0:24:53 81.91%
7 Daly, Tom NY Master 4 3 0:25:15 80.17%
8 Hynes, Jeremiah CAN Master 4 3 0:26:02 76.46%
9 Keyes, Rory Junior 3 4 0:26:31 74.16%
10 Myer, Russ NY Master 1 1 0:27:40 68.71%
11 Osowski, John Master 3 4 0:28:03 66.89%

DSQ Hettenbaugh, Jason ** NY Senior 2 3 0:19:15
* Bib #105 assessed 2min penalty due to violation of open bolt rule.
** Bib #107 disqualified due to violation of open bolt rule.


Place Athlete State Class P S Time % Back

1 Felter, Eric 2 4 0:24:47 117.16%
2 Swayze, Adam Junior 3 1 0:26:06 112.76%
3 Myer, Chris 4 4 0:38:52 70.08%


Place Athlete State Class P S Time % Back

1 Miller, Nancy 4 4 0:33:56 100.00%