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Alaskan Regional Elite Group camp

Fri, Jul  24, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

The last of the REG's for 2009

Put yourself in a position to succeed.

Walking out to the road from the Mountain And Streams Bed and Breakfast (

Working on technique we focus first on body position, then on the movements and then on power.  First, make sure you are in position.

Are you in position to succeed?  Does your situation support the achievement of your dreams?

There have been Regional Elite Group camps in each region this summer. Matt Whitcomb and Pat Casey have lead this charge from the USST side of things and regional coaches have lead it from the club side of things. That is partnership.  Working together isn't an abstract concept.

It's an act.  It is picking someone up at the airport after midnight.  It is collaborating across clubs for the sake of all our athletes.

It is taking a wider view...

Even while staying focused on the goal, the task, the moment.

Of course this is the real deal: focused workouts, hard workouts...

Long workouts.

That being true, it is also true that it can't be done alone.  The race isn't even individual after the gun goes off.  Someone waxes, someone hands out drinks, someone gives splits, everyone yells.  The athlete owns the outcome but there is a team behind each success.

Thank you to all the coaches who made these REG camps happen.  These things don't just fall into place.  Thanks to the parents for getting behind it.  Thanks Matt and Pat.  Thanks also to the athletes for putting the bib on - figuratively and literally.  Thanks for your attention and focus and hard work.  If you want to do it, make sure you are in the right position to make it happen.  Get what you need to succeed.

(photos from the Alaskan REG)