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September nordic clinic in Traverse City

Wed, Aug  12, 2009 - By Pete LaPlaca

As the summer is winding down, we are prepping for another big ski season in Traverse City by sponsoring a Pre-season Nordic Ski Clinic on Sept. 18-19 at Timber Ridge Resort.
The clinic will be staged in three segments:

  1. Seminar: Friday night at 7:00 pm and will feature Lyndsey Weier Dehlin who is a two time Olympian and a competitor in the US, NCAA and World Championships as well as World Cup events. She will be accompanied by her husband, Dan Dehlin, who won the VASA 50k F/S in 2008. A newcomer this year is Cassidy Edwards from Glen Arbor who just completed her stellar NCAA career for Middlebury College.   
  2. Skier Workshops: beginning at 9am on Saturday, three hourlong workshops will be conducted covering nutrition, training, etc.   
  3. Roller Ski Technique Clinic:  Will feature roller skiing and a video critique by Lyndsey and Dan and will be conducted near Timber Ridge on Saturday morning at 9am.

Program will benefit the Traverse Jr. Nordic Ski Club and the new VASA Ski Club. Checkout for more details or call (231)938-4400.