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The Master Skier becomes annual publication

Fri, Aug  21, 2009 - By Nancy Gregg

I hope you are having a great summer. I have some exciting news to share with you.

The Master Skier, North America’s leading cross-country publication for the past 22 years, has a totally new enhanced design and superior approach to distribution.

The Master Skier will be upgraded to a premium, perfect bound annual edition with a dramatic modular design.

One of the driving reasons for this change is to benefit our advertisers. We promise to give them a higher quality product that reaches more skiers.

The new design will have a 100-pound cover and interior pages of comparable excellence.

The Master Skier magazine

It will be the finest publication in the business. People will read it and proudly leave it on their coffee tables for others to read. Best of all, we will be reaching 65,000 readers through additional newsstand, Olympic and counter distribution.

The Master Skier’s “Cross Country 2009-2010 Ski Annual” will hit the newsstands in October with a shelf life that will carry through the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, where the publication will also be sold.

Subscribers to The Master Skier and members of the American Cross Country Skier’s Association and World Masters Association will automatically get the new edition. Also, regular writers will receive a copy free of charge.