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Whistler- Final post from home

Tue, Sep  8, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Newell, Kuzzy working on it.

NEG, SVSEF and USST.  NEG = National Elite Group.

Chris Cook.

Lindsay Williams.

Morgan Arritola, Adele Espy (Travis Jones with video camera).

Double pole races head-to-head.

Intervals.  Kikkan Randall.

Team warm down.

Intervals.  Liz Stephen, Lindsay Williams.

Head-to-head intervals.  Torin Koos setting the pace.

Whistler's Comfortably Numb trail.  Rain.

Anything but numb and not really that comfortable either.  All kinds of fun though.


Time Trial.


Tazlina Mannix, Morgan Arritola.

Enjoying it.

Whistler is home now. Next time we're here is for the Olympics. 160 away.