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NTN/SSC move office

Tue, Sep  22, 2009 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Greetings NTN and Ski Club Members,

The Noquemanon Trail Network and the Superiorland Ski Club would like to announce a new office move.

The NTN/SSC office has moved to the front of Lakeview Arena, across from the Marquette Parks and Recreation office. (Previously known as the Hockey Pro-Shop) Thus the pro shop has moved into our old office location.

With this move comes a need of a new coat of paint and spackle for the walls. So if you have some paint or spackle that you would like to donate please call 206.235.6861 or email

This new office move gives both organizations as well as the races that we use as our major fundraisers more visibility. We will also have the opportunity to sell merchandise and memberships from an easier to reach location. Stop in for a visit.

Thank you all for your support to the Nordic Skiing community.
Superiorland Ski Club & Noquemanon Trail Network