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Overview of World Cup rule changes

Wed, Oct  7, 2009 - By FIS

As already confirmed by the FIS Council in the spring, the FIS Cross-Country World Cup will have several new rules this season.

The biggest change was done in the sprint. The B-Final of the ladies & men will be removed and this time will be used for a nice presentation and celebration of the athletes and for a TV interview on the international signal. The FIS Cross-Country Committee agreed as well on the rule change for the FIS Tour de Ski that enables the racers who have to quit the Tour before reaching the finish line on Alpe Cermis to keep their World Cup points from all Tour Stages. This rule has been implemented to avoid sick athletes racing the Tour to the end only to keep their points.

For the World Cup Final, the FIS Council approved to reduce the starting field. Only the 50 best in the World Cup standing plus the Continental Cup leaders and the U-23 world champions are allowed to take part in the final mini-Tour. The Tour de Ski rule that athletes will keep their World Cup points even if they stop before finishing the series also applies.

Regarding prize money, two important clarification will be new in the rules: All prize money will be paid out electronically by bank transfer in the future and if there is a tie-result for example for the first place, then the money from the first plus second place is counted together and divided by two.