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Climb to the Castle

Thu, Oct  8, 2009 - By PeteVordenberg

Dartmouth's Ida Sargent on the attack.

This is what it looked like at the finish.  Skiers getting their lactate checked.  Fog, rain, wind.

This is how it looked just after the start.  Lindsay Williams stretching out the women's group.

Kris Freeman working on pacing the effort.  Great race today all around.  It is good to put the bib and skis on, wake up the butterflies, lay the cards on the table face up for yourself to see.

Ladies pack at around half way.

Morgan Arritola earning it.  One of the best quotes from the coaches conference came from Dan Jansen:  Only you know if you gave everything you had.

CXC's Brian Gregg charging out of the fog.

Kris Freeman. 

It is important to realize that this is your chance.  Not 2014, not in January, or February, not tomorrow.  But right here, right now.  Today.

Rock wall, fog, racers.

Awesome weather, in the true sense of the word.  Perfect day for it.

Noah Hoffman.

Liz Stephen.

Coach points the way.  Morgan Arritola, Chris Grover.  It was so foggy you couldn't tell that the finish was less than 50m from here.


Thanks to Margaret and NYSEF for putting on the event. and I'd guess they'll be some results up here or in this neighborhood at some point

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