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Fairbanks SuperTour Pursuit Race Photos

Mon, Nov  7, 2005 - By Mike Muha

Photos from the SuperTour Pursuit Race held Sunday in Fairbanks, Alaska. The high temperature for the race was a balmy -4.5F. More details on the race are at the SportAlaska web site. Photos from Fischer Sports.

Kris Freeman, Justin Freeman, and Andrew Johnson were the top three men's finishers in the 10K + 10K Skiathlon, Kris winning by 1:25. In the women's 5K + 5K Skiathlon, Becky Scott creamed Kikkan Randal and Wendy Wagner by 2:12!

Becky Scott, winner of the 5K + 5K Skiathlon

David Stewart leading Andy Newell


Chad Giese, Zach Violett, Colin Rodgers and a long train.

Kris Freeman, Crhis Cook, Lars Floar, James Southam, Chad Giese

Justin Freeman and Andrew Johnson

Dave Stewart

Kate Whitcomb

Kris Freeman, winner of the men's 10K + 10K Skiathlon

Justin Freeman and Andrew Johnson