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Holiday Inn Sponsors Christmas Classic Ski Races

Fri, Nov  11, 2005 - By Joe Haggenmiller

Hello All:

Please see the attachment (113K PDF or 51K Word document) for info on the Houghton Holiday Inn Express Christmas Classic Ski Races.  They will be held on the MTU Trails Dec.17-18, 2005.  They are JOQs for both the Midwest and Great Lakes Districts and will take place on the Junior Olympic courses.

Our sponsor has given us a reduced rate at the Holiday Inn Express - $65/room with 2 double beds.  As you may know, the Holiday Inn Express is in a very good location for the ski races.  Perkins and Pizza Hut are in walking distance, it is on the business corridor where there are groceries/Super Walmart/Fast Food/Sit Down Restaurants, and it is a 5 minute or less straight shot up Sharon Ave. to the ski trails from the parking lot.  The rate seems very good compared to what I have been paying this past CC running season and there are great amenities (Breakfast Bar/hot tub/sauna) available.  Please stay with them because they are stepping up to the plate to support nordic skiing. Their direct dial to make reservations is:  906-482-1066.

The Brown Wax Barn at the trails is under going serious reconstruction.  It is getting new lights, siding and roofing.  It will also have heaters and walls for private wax rooms.  We'll have this open for you early in the mornings and as late as needed/practical in the evenings.  The Holiday Inn Express can also work with you to set up a wax room there.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Joe Haggenmiller
Head Coach CC, Nordic Skiing,
and Track & Field
MTU Athletics
1400 Townsend Dr.
Houghton, MI 49931
Phone:  906-487-2986
Fax:  906-487-3062