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Fri, Nov  13, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

The last dryland workout for me.  Morgan Smyth doing L4 classical intervals in SLC.  Of course not the last for Morgan or most of you all either, but it won't be long.  I am in Denmark right now, on the way to Mora, Sweden from Munich and then on to Norway with the team van.  The transition time is near if it isn't here already.  HC Holmberg talks about making over 100 transitions per 10km race.  That is between say stride and double pole or V1 and V2 but also small transitions within each technique - a short V2 and a longer faster one for example.  Each transition requires a shift of blow flow within the body and this is trainable.  And this larger scale transition is similar and similarly trainable.  From dryland to snow, from the USA to Europe, from low altitude to high and back to low again.

From hot sun in desert canyons to snow and mute light of Northern Norway.

Here we go!