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Weather Gods Smile on Duathlon 3

Mon, Nov  14, 2005 - By Mike Muha

Once again the weather gods smiled upon the racers during the 3rd Team Duathlon. Forecasts of rain gave way clearing skies and warm temperatures. The wind did pick up during the rollerski portion of the race but most of the path was in the woods. As the skiers rolled back from the finish line to the start, the winds were getting pretty stiff and gusty: "Sure glad I had ratchets in my wheels," said Aaron Tarnow, "otherwise I would have been pushed backwards!"

Steve Kuhl - even after crawling out of bed just 45 minutes before the start of the race - ran and skied away with the fast times, setting a personal best in both legs.

Tim Feldkamp was setting a good pace in the run when a "trail snake" caught his foot and sent him tumbling. He decided he'd had enough running for the day, took a short cut to the finish, put on his skates, and went out on the rollerski leg to see if there were any challengers.

Me? After 8 minutes, I had nothing left in the my legs and called it quits. Being dead last at the time, I continued out on the course taking down the course direction signs so I wouldn't have to go out later. Unknown to me, Greg Worrel arrived late, had put on his running shoes and was out on the course. By the time he got to the second loop of the run, all the signs were down and he didn't know which way to run. Taking it in stride, he simply transitioned to his rollerski and raced the rollerski leg.

We're all hoping Greg finds his watch or buys a new one so he can accurately time his December Duathlon.


Rank Name FS / CL? Run Trans-
Ski Total Time Rollerski Model


1 Steve Kuhl FS 18:48 2:09 13:47 34:36 Elpex F1
2 Yvon Dufour CL 19:56 1:31 15:01 36:28 Swedeski
3 Aaron Tarnow CL 20:56 3:00 20:30 44:30 V2 950 ("sloowww..."
4 Greg Worrel FS ? ? ? ? Ski Skett
5 Tim Feldkamp CL DNF - - - Salomon inline skates
6 Mike Muha CL DNF - - - Pro-ski C2