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Video from Beitostolen

Sun, Nov  22, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Check out some training and racing footage from the WC

See here for info:

This link should take you directly to the Nordic section of video here:

If it doesn't please go to:

and check out all the videos there including a selection from our sports science department as well as the nordic section (look down to the right under "other collections")

We are going to try and put up more and more video here as we go through the season.  The reason we are doing this is because it can be very educational and inspirational to see exactly how we and others train and race on the World Cup.  Using this sort of thing as well as video on blogs like Andy and Torin and Kikkan and the other USST and other elite athletes is as close as we can get to having skiing on TV everyweekend like they do in Europe.  It is important to see it at the highest level. 

This sort of video can and should at times be broken down to the basic elements of technique, but I think the most important thing about watching this sort of video is getting a feel for the flow and rhythm of high level skiing as well as the intensity and speed of it.  Also, simply enjoy the images.  The sport is beautiful.

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