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Beitostolen pictures

World Cup: Beitostoelen

Wed, Nov  25, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg


Kikkan Randall - best distance skate race, best distance race.  Hard work, get beat, hard work, improve, hard work, get beat, hard work, medal on world cup, hard work get beat, hard work, win worlds medal, hard work, improve, hard work...

sugar snow on ice.

Freeman - on track!


Morgan Arritola hammering through a hard race.  A tough race is sometimes the best opportunity to learn. 

Kikkan Randall pacing the effort well.

Very few are near the top every weekend.  Most have serious ups and downs.  But  racing the hammer is always down and results be what they are...

Liz Stephen fighting it out.  To learn from a race you have to go as fast as you can on the day and accept the outcome.  From there you can evaluate the effort itself as well as the preparation leading up to it.  Work hard, get beat, work hard, improve, work hard...

Heading toward the finishing stretch in Beitostolen.

Start of the relay.

High and forward.  Questions?

So many can go so fast.  To be among the best you have to train, rest, and prepare as well as the best.  Have no doubts.  To be the best...

Kris Freeman testing some technical things we've been working on  Head-to-head racing and workouts give instant feedback.

Torin Koos.  Great prep for Kuusamo.

Forward drive.

Andy Newell - two top notch distance efforts so far this year.

Great racing.

Lars Flora.  US Continental Cup Winner.

Traveling directly after the race.  We were done packing up the wax room at 4:30 and on the bus to Oslo at 5:10.  Only 10 minutes late - not bad for the task and time we had.

Kuusamo (Wadsworth photo).

Heading out for the first ski in Kuusamo.

High energy!  It is great to see our skiers' mood so high after some hard racing and long travel.


A hard race is a hard race and a tough result can be tough to take, but stay bummed out rather than learn, move on and head into the next race ready to rip and you are just wasting energy.  And hey, if you think your bad race was a bummer check out the way most the world lives... and here is a way to help there too:

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