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Season Kicks Off in Östersund

Biathlon World Cup: Östersund

Tue, Dec  1, 2009 - By Viktoria Franke

The tracks in Östersund are prepared. And although headcoach Per Nilsson jokes that only people equiped with helmets should ski on them, the organizers are making sure that the tracks are well prepared for the World Cup that will kick off Wednesday with the women's individual competition.

Watch Live

Watch the World Cup live on Biathlonworld TV, starting Wednesday at 11:10 EST

Where is Östersund?

Östersund is located in the middle of Sweden at the Storsjön lake. For a long time it was just worth a trip for insiders and real biathlon fans. Since the World Championsips in 2008 it's one of the favourite destinations for biathlon enthusiast all over the world. Many bars and shops in the city make sure that there's plenty of distraction next to the competitions. Ice skating on the lake, skiing or dog-sledding should also be on the list for the visit there.

Biathlon tracks in Östersund

The course: The course isn't the hardest one in the circuit but it is also not as easy to manage as one might think. A lot of climbs on the tracks make sure that there is plenty of movement in the result list. Only the strongest and most persistent athletes manage to go full-speed until the end.