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U.S. Takes 5th in Team Sprint

World Cup: Düsseldorf

Mon, Dec  7, 2009 - By US Ski Team

DUSSELDORF, Germany (Dec. 6) - Torin Koos (Leavenworth, WA) and Andy Newell (Shaftsbury, VT) joined forces Sunday, competing together for a sixth-place finish in a World Cup cross country freestyle team sprint.

Russia's team one wound up victorious in the race followed in second by Norway's team one. Sweden's team two was third.

According to Cross Country Coach Chris Grover, despite the rainy cold conditions in Germany, both Koos and Newell skied a hard fought semifinal in order to make it along to the final round.

"They were good. They were third in their semifinal and the top three advance. They skied a really smart race there," Grover said.

With a large field of athletes all vying for a spot in the final, Grover said that a crash nearly took Newell out of the running for his team.

"It was a little touch and go there just to get into that final because of the crash," Grover said. "They had to fight hard to get caught up, then they made their way back to second and third."

After making up the time, Newell and Koos advanced to the final round to garner their sixth.

"It was a really close final. It was a clean race and everyone was very close. The pack didn't break up at all until that last lap," Grover said.

In the end, Grover was pleased with the way the U.S. men raced, saying that eventually it will be their time to make the podium.

"I'm really happy with both of those guys because they're both in great shape," Grover said. "When you're at this level, there are maybe 20 other guys at the same level and sometimes it's your day and other days you aren't able to."

In the women's race, Italy's team one won, followed in second by Sweden team one and Norway team one in third. No U.S. women raced.

Cross country now moves to Davos, Switzerland for middle distance races and sprints.

2010 Viessmann FIS Cross Country World Cup
Dusseldorf, Germany - Dec. 6, 2009
Team sprint

1. Russia 1 (Morilov, Petukhov)
2. Norway 1 (Brandsdal, Gloeersen)
3. Sweden 2 (Bryntesson, Lind)
4. Switzerland 1 (Tambornino, Eigenmann)
5. Russia 2 (Devjatiarov, Kriukov)
6. United States (Koos, Newell)

1. Italy 1 (Genuin, Follis)
2. Sweden1 (Ingemarsdotter, Falk)
3. Norway 1 (Brun-Lie, Falla)
4. Slovenia (Majdic, Fabjan)
5. Germany 1 (Sachenbacher Stehle, Nystad)