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US Relay Scores 7th Place in Östersund

Biathlon World Cup: Östersund

Mon, Dec  7, 2009 - By Viktoria Franke

After two podiums the US scored another Top10 result today at the relay competition in Östersund.

Lowell Bailey, Jay Hakkinen, Tim Burke and Jeremy Teela managed to finish up front in an exciting relay competition at the last day of the World Cup in Östersund. With the French team winning, the US biathletes finished their race 1:44.1 minutes behind.

US Biathlon Relay Scores 7th Place in Östersund World Cup


Bailey started the race and brought the US in a good position with just two extra shots needed in the standing shooting. In fact, although the athletes had some problems in the standing position in prone all four athletes managed to hit all targets without using any extra shots. Hakkinen as the second starter avoided the penalty loop as well but he still wasn't completely satisfied with his result: "Of course it is a good result overall. But I wish I could have done better in standing. I am glad that I didn't have to go in the penalty loop though!"

Tim Burke on the contrary had to ski those 150 extra meters. "I am mentally tired. Those last days have been crazy and I really need a break to be on top again. I guess I wasn't completely focused today but those misses always can happen. That's biathlon!"

Jeremy Teela was the one to finish the race on seventh place. The last round was packed with some of the best biathletes so Teela was satsified with his result. Although he had to ski the penalty loop as well, he fought hard for the seventh place and finished just seconds ahead of the team from the Ukraine and Switzerland.

Today the World Cup in Östersund ends with the relay competitions. As there are only three US women skiing in the World Cup there won't be a US women's relay.

Next week the World Cup continues in Hochfilzen, Austria. Watch out for updates and more background information from the team on


US result in the men's relay

7   USA 0+0  2+11   1:16:54.4 +1:44.1
    BAILEY Lowell 0+0  0+2      
    HAKKINEN Jay 0+0  0+3      
    BURKE Tim 0+0  1+3      
    TEELA Jeremy 0+0  1+3