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Davos is getting ready for the World Cup Cross-Country SKi Races

World Cup: Davos

Wed, Dec  9, 2009 - By FIS

Organizing Committee of the World Cup Cross-Country in Davos are working full speed. They must have had many sleepless nights some days ago. Weather situation was not so optimistic at the end of November, however, very optimistic news have been pouring in since last Monday from Switzerland last Monday. They had heavy snowfall last week and thus the World Cup weekend in Davos is secure.

Tracks are covered with approx. 25 cm thick layer of snow. The OC have been working intensively on final preparations for the World Cup such as cabling for camera positions, build-up of camera stands, etc. It has been snowing and the weather forecast is positive towards the end of the week with cold weather on Saturday and Sunday. High numbers of athletes and teams will take part in the races. As of today the OC register 165 entered men, 125 ladies from 34 countries. We can also look forward to seeing athletes from Venezuela and South Africa!