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Michigan Cup rosters due

Wed, Dec  16, 2009 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Isn't it great to finally have snow. This is just a friendly reminder about rosters. They are due in to Ken Dawson ( and Carole ( by the team captain, and postmarked by December 31, 2009.  Carole's copy should include $6/skier that you want counted for Michigan Cup points. Additions can be made up til Jan 31, 2010 and this date is received or postmarked. Additions should include the $6/skier fee as well.

Fees whould be mailed to:

Michigan Cup Committee
11029 Crooked Lake Road
Rockford MI 49341

Just to review the scoring changes for this year:

Individual Juniors - Remains the Same - A skiers top five races count.
Individual Seniors and Masters - Remains the same - A skiers top five races count.

Team Points

Every race a skier does counts for team points - not just the top five.

Baic Cup - total of all Junior racers team points
Brumbaugh Cup - total of all Senior and Masters racers team points
Michigan Cup - Calculated on following formula:

(Baic Cup Points x 20%) + (Brumbaugh Cup points x 80%) + Team Time Trial/Relay Points + Michigan Cup Relay Points

Michigan Cup relays will have two age groups and three categories this year. First place points per category goes back to 600 with subsequent placing scoring determined by the number of teams in each category.

Brochures will be late this year but they are in to the printer.