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Part one...

Tue, Dec  29, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg


Part Two is almost here already!

Canmore, Canada.  Final stop for period one on the domestic circuit for the US racers.

It has been a speedy start to the season.

No looking back.  From here things really pick up.

The new points list will be out soon at (should actually be up today, Monday).

But points are points.  Prepare.  Perform.  That is the way.

Dec 21.  Driving home from Canmore, AB.

Nov 6.  Driving to Mora, Swe from Munich.  The summer went fast.  The winter is going even faster.

As for Part two, Andy Newell will be racing a few stages of the tour so keep your eyes on him there.  Most of the rest will be up in Alaska at Nationals.  Here is a good site for that event:

qualifying criteria:

See you soon.

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