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Since Nationals...

Tue, Jan  26, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Reports from Kikkan, Morgan Arritola and Liz Stephen... photos from Utah, Alaska, a word on Olympics...

Generally I end the post with a little note about NCCSEF.  This time I'll start with it.  Check out the site and support our young athletes who are currently over in Europe getting ready to race.  Be a part of the team.  Gain an understanding of the development system and pipeline.  Join the team.


Garrott Kuzzy.  2 x 3 x 3.  Hard.  Soldier Hollow, UT.

Getting caught up on a few things.   First time at home longer than a week for quite a while.  Life on the road is good, but home is hard to beat.

Morgan Arritola - 5 minute VO2 intervals.  Soldier Hollow.


Sunshine in Park City

By Mo and Liz

After a little R & R post-Alaska a few of us have come together to do some training and hanging out in Park City. A lot has been going on here, we’ve had some quality training, recovering, and the most important element, fun. There was a freestyle World Cup in Deer Valley earlier in the week, which included aerials competitions as well as moguls. This will be the final push before we get in to the heart of the season…it’s going to be a good one!

The moguls course at Deer Valley, one of the steepest on the World Cup tour. One of the best parts of living in Park City is getting to know your extended team.  Watching both the triumphs and disappointments of athletes that you know personally gave me goose bumps.

Morgan Smyth, Garrott Kuzzy, Liz Stephen, and local friend Deb enjoying the sun on a 3hr tour.

Kuzzy getting ready to pounce.

Liz striding it out.  Thanks Soldier Hollow for the great grooming!

Mo doing some no poles work.

Pete on a backcountry tour.  Conditions are getting good.

At this point in the winter every skier will have a different path in front of them. Trust your path and believe in your ability to make it your best.


Singstar. If you haven’t tried it, do it now. Costumes required.

The final training block of the season is here.  It’s time to do a lot of hammering, some basking in the Park City sun, and believe, believe, believe.  We are making sure we are enjoying as many moments as we can, keeping the energy levels and the stoke levels as high as possible and heading into the second half of this season with a fire under our feet, because this is about to get fun.


By Liz and Morgan.


And now some photos from Kikkan from the Fast and Female clinic held after Nationals.  I love these photos and the work our athletes do beyond the work of ski racing... Photos from Kikkan:



yes, question?

Laura Valaas.  One of the athletes on hand to do the teaching.  Thanks Laura!

Man that looks good!  Thanks again athletes.  Big smiles in all these pictures.



It is hard to have a better job than this.  Being outside, skiing, helping out where I can, planning and working to accomplish something... being a part of a team.  It is the day to day work with the athletes that is the best part of the job.

I am certainly looking forward to the Olympics.  I have been for four years, and for the four years before that and on and on since 1984 or so, I'd say.  And I have been to two as an athlete and this'll be my second as a coach.  It is a joy to go and an accomplishment and a very fun experience.  That said it is without a doubt I can tell you that as athlete or coach it is still the day to day work that is the best part of the job.


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