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2010 Olympic Team

Fri, Jan  29, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Andy Newell.

Caitlin Compton.

Garrott Kuzzy.

Holly Brooks.

James Southam.

Kikkan Randall.

Kris Freeman.

Liz Stephen.

Morgan Arritola.

Simi Hamilton.

Torin Koos.


(vordenberg/jones photos)



  • Farra, John
  • Grover, Chris
  • Wadsworth, Justin
  • Vordenberg, Peter
  • Whitcomb, Matt
  • Caldwell, Zach
  • Nilsson, Erik
  • Shultz, Nathan
  • Augustsson, Joakim
  • Johansson, Peter
  • Gibbs, Randy
  • Flora, Erik
  • Jepson, Kurt
  • Saari, Aaron
  • Gaul, Larry
  • Hill, Randy
  • Christiansen, Margo
  • Hammermeister, Jon

...From our Team Agreement:

We create our legacy and ourselves though our actions today and everyday.  We accept and embrace this opportunity to succeed and admit to the fact that we are giving this everything we have both as individuals and as a team, without excuse.

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