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The Swix Brush line


Mon, Feb  1, 2010 - By Andrew Gerlach

The Swix Brush Program is subject to continuous development based on feedback from the Swix Racing Service Department that serves World Cup technicians, athletes, and teams throughout each season. As a result, Swix customers are guaranteed the highest quality products taking into account the latest developments and methods of World Cup technicians.

Swix Brushes are divided into three main categories of use, plus the economy line.

  • The Swix "Pre-Wax" Brushes are designed to use before waxing for base restoration ("freshening") by removing the burnish and oxidization from the base surface, and brushing old wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski and snowboard bases to clean and "open" the base for better wax absorption.
  • The Swix "Post-Wax" Brushes are for use after waxing and scraping to brush the wax out of the base patterns. To many, these brushes are the most important. The base must be waxed, yet the structure patterns must also be revealed to minimize friction.
  • The Swix "Cera F" Brushes have the purpose of "application brushing" and final finish brushing. Professional technicians reserve these brushes just for use with Cera F so the final waxing result cannot be compromised with wax other than Cera F.

The economy brushes are multipurpose brushes made as an affordable alternative for the sport skier. For each of these categories the Swix brushes are carefully selected with special qualities in mind. Swix selects not only the specific material for each purpose, but also the certain length of each fiber, a certain thickness and stiffness for each fiber, and lastly, the bristle density. By specifying the characteristics thoroughly, each of the Swix brushes has its own "personality" and fulfils a specific purpose.

Most of the Swix brushes come in two sizes. The smaller rectangular are easy in use and convenient when travelling. The larger oval brushes are suited for efficiency and comfort when preparing multiple skis.

If you were to rely on just one brush:

Use the T179 steel brush or T162 bronze brush from Swix.

A fully equipped range of brushes should contain:

  • The Fine Steel Brush used before waxing to clean the structure and remove oxidized material (T192). Also used as second brush on waxes.
  • The Medium Coarse Steel Brush to use after waxing and scraping (T179).
  • The Blue Nylon Brush as final finish (T160).

Cera F Powder brushes

For Cera F Powder the following three brushed are needed:

  • One stiff Black Nylon Brush (T194) for the "brush up" step and after ironing.
  • One Wild Boar Brush (T164) or Horsehair Brush (T157).
  • One Blue Nylon Brush (T160 or T196) for final finish. (Tip: The Blue Nylon Brush T196 has cork on one side for hand corking with Cera F Turbo Solid or Liquid).

Here are a few more details about these and other brushes...

Brushes used before waxing:

T192 Steel Brush. A fine steel brush for "cleaning" deep into the structure before waxing. Makes bases absorb more wax. 5-6 strokes.

Brushes after waxing and scraping

T179 Steel Brush (or T162 Bronze Brush). A medium coarse steel or bronze brush to use after waxing and scraping. 10-12 strokes.

T160 Blue Nylon Brush. A fine soft nylon brush for polishing. 4-5 strokes.

T197B Steel Brush Ultra Fine. An ultra fine steel brush for renewal and cleaning of bases in-between heats in sprint races. Also used as brush number two on glide waxes.