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King VASA's Viking Club New Members

Sat, Feb  13, 2010 - By Pete LaPlaca

As many of you know, we founded the King VASA Viking Club two years ago to recognize and honor our core skiers who have completed at least 20 VASA races. It is a testimonial to  their athletic prowess, longevity and appreciation for the North American VASA. The Club has over 40 members to date and this year we have (7) new members who are already registered including Dick Naperala, Doug Cornell (Team NordicSkiRacer), Phil Anderson, Pete D'Arienzo, Bill Schulz, Pat Tobin and Russ VanHouzen.

We will recognize these skiers at the awards party on Saturday afternoon at the Hagerty Center beginning at 5:30 pm. We will also present each of them with a nice ski item that will recognize them as a member of a distinguished group. We appreciate the contributions of each member of the King VASA Viking Club.