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Chestnut Valley & Boyne Highlands' Races Have Snow

Thu, Jan  1, 2004

The Chestnut Valley Freestyle and the Boyne Highlands Classic on Saturday and Sunday, Jan 3-4, will be held. Race organizers Nick Baic and David Austin ask that racers who are planning to attend call or e-mail the race organizers so they can insure they have enough food for lunch. Nick's e-mail is; David's is (Remove the "NOSPAM" from the e-mail addresses - I've added those characters so that internet robots that scrap e-mails off web pages don't get Nick's and David's real addresses). David can also be reached a the Boyne Highlands Nordic Center at 1.231.526.3029.

Registration forms can be found for Chestnut Valley HERE and for the Boyne Classic HERE.

Chestnut Valley Freestyle

More details from Nick Baic, Race Director for the Chestnut Valley Freestyle Race on Saturday, January 3:

The Race at Chestnut is a go.  We will probably use the golf course
(gently rolling 20-30 second uphills) as we did last year.  Snow
conditions are good to excellent on the golf course.  Nub's course
(many 2-3 minute uphills) is good on the ups and flats but the downs
would be dangerous for many.  So unless we get a foot or more of snow,
the race will be on the golf course and will be groomed on the 1st.

Since we will most likely use the golf course the Saturday skate and
Sunday classic will be a lot more beginner friendly in case you were a
little apprehensive about doing these races.

The snow at Boyne Highlands for Sunday's Classic race is good on most
of the course.  The start and finish is unskiable, so we are working
on how to get to the good snow.  As a last resort, we would move the
race to Chestnut Valley.

-Have a Happy New Year.  Nick

Boyne Highlands Classic

Here's the word about Sunday's Boyne Highlands Classic Race from David Austin:

The classic race will be held on Sunday as planned, believe it or not!  Unless conditions get really bad before then, as if they are not bad now statewide, we will hold it.  The exact course and how to get to the course on the property depends on if we receive any snow the next few days.  On our Marcies Mash course there is plenty of snow and it looks real usable.  As many people know I tend to not suger coat the condition of my trails.  Most of the 40K of my trails is in rough to terrible shape with the exception of a few isolated loops that I know of.  So, I feel confident that it looks good up there for the classic race.  On the other hand all I will need is a couple of inches and we can use the Cliffs loop and some of Davids Challange as I planned in the first place.  People can call the Nordic Center if they want at Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs, Petoskey area: 1.231.526.3029.  I can be reached at   See you out there.

P.S.  It is very important that I know who will be coming, even if I don't get the money until the day of.  People can send emails to me or Nick specifically saying which race they will be coming to.  I have to get food for the lunch and I have to know how much. 
Please pass along to everone out there how important it is for all of us area managers to know what to expect in turn out.   I expect RSVP, our society has forgotten how important this is overall in; parties, events, dinners and special events.  It drives caterers particularly nuts!!   SO PLEASE, EVERYONE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING, IT ONLY HELPS TO PROVIDE FOR A BETTER EVENT!!
Sincerely,  David K. Austin
Boyne Highlands X.C. Manager