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30km awards ceremony, 10k races

World Masters

Tue, Feb  23, 2010 - By Randy Bladel

Today the 10K races at the World Masters Cup in Falun were delayed an hour due to a temperature at the track of -25C, or -13F.  At least it was sunny with no wind.  The snow was still cold and rather slow, though not as bad as yesterday.  At the WMC, the 10K classic races are run in the morning, then the track is regroomed, and the freestyle races are run in the afternoon.

Because of the racing, I was unable to tour the home of the Swedish painter Carl Larsson with my family.  He worked in the latter half  of the 1800's and his painting of Swedish domestic life are instantly recognizable.  Because of my family's positive review, I may try to visit there tomorrow, which is a rest day.

Milan Baic wins bronze in 30KM freestyle at World Masters

Michigan's Milan Baic (on right) wins bronze in 30KM freestyle at World Masters

Wednesday is the day for relays.  AXCS national director J.D. Downing will be burning the midnight oil to try and put together some teams that might have a chance at a medal.  (J.D. skied well himself today:  12th in the M3 class.) 

The relays are followed by the 45K classic on Thursday and the 45K freestyle on Saturday, and the week ends with a banquet and party. 

Many of us will stay for either the 90K Vasaloppet on March 6th, or the Oppet Spar (Open Track) version of the same race on Sunday or Monday, in which you can start anytime between 7 and 8 with your chip recording your start and finish times.  (I'm a little concerned about 90K race two days after a hard 45K).

The computer goes home with my family tomorrow, so it's unlikely I'll be able to send any more reports this week.