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Boyne Races still on; Relay races may relocate

Michigan Cup

Thu, Mar  11, 2010 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Hi All

What a season though, eh! The Vasa Ski Club is back in it. The Senior Men's Michigan Cup is going down to the last weekend. The Senior Women's Michigan Cup is going down to the last weekend. And the Michigan Cup will most likely be decided at the relays as well.

This weekend's Boyne Highland races

Gary Day at Boyne Highlands said they would be making a call about this weekend's freestyle and classic races on Friday morning. The course may be altered but right now they still have good coverage.

Says Gary, "We still have plenty of base and at this time, we plan to hold the races this weekend. Because of the uncertainty of the weather, the meal and prizes have been cancelled and we may have to alter the course somewhat. The fee will be reduced to $15 per day and will include a snack after the race."

Check the NordicSkiRacer Trail Reports for the Friday morning call.

The Michigan Cup Relays

Given the snow conditions, I have been in contact with Bob Frye about the relays. Pending the rain this week, he will be making a call next week. However, given the tight race this year and the awards party at the relays we have been looking for a backup.

Boyne Highlands is willing to serve as a backup. I also checked with Hanson Hills but they are closed. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. Rest assured there will be a realys event unless we loose all our snow in the Lower Peninsula.