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New Ski Tunnel at Boyne Mountain

Tue, Dec  27, 2005 - By Mike Muha

Boyne Mountain has built a few more roads to because of it's expanded building program - houses and condos going up everywhere. Lou Awodey was able to get a tunnel put in under one of the new roads to provide uninterrupted skiing. The tunnel is at the top of a nice long not too steep climb. - which I think is a new section of trail.

Pictures of skiing on Tuesday, December 27 below. Huge snow! Grinder was in good shape, although a little soft on the bottom - not too soft for skiing, but my poles with their tiny racing baskets tended to disappear through the snow. Skis stayed floating on top. I took rock skis out because I didn't know what conditions would be like, but I would have been very comfortable on my good racing skis.

Lou just finishing a grooming run. He's had a number of
groomer problems so far, including hydraulics issues with the Piston Bully.

Lots of snow on the Xmas Trail

Best snow up on the Vistas

Brad and Ian climbing the long hill to the ski tunnel.


Good snow!

Through the tunnel.