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Cleaning and Storage Wax

In case it's time to put away some of the skis...

Sat, Mar  20, 2010 - By Bert Hinkley,

While I did ski both days last weekend I also worked at home building garden walls. Probably won't use the cold base skis with the fine grind any more. It could be time to consider putting away some of the skis. Cleaning and storage wax is in order for the skis that will sleep until next year. This end of season layer of storage wax protects the ski base from dust, dirt, the extremes of summertime temps.

There are also the klister skis that are still gooey. Yes, I know they should have been cleaned right after use, but I was tired. We have great products for cleaning and storage. You and your skis will thank us next year.

Solda Universal Base is a fantastic cleaning and storage wax. We also use it on new skis that have never been waxed. It saturates bases well at a very low melting point. For new skis I apply a couple layers of this followed by a couple layers of Solda Performance Red and then a couple layers of Solda UF7. Scrape and brush the skis between layers of wax. The skis are then ready to fly.