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2010 Birkie Race Issues & Resolutions

Fri, Mar  26, 2010 - By Birkie

Over 1,600 skiers submitted comments in addition to taken part in the 2010 Participant Surveys. Listed below are the more significant issues the Birkie staff and Board identified after reviewing all of the comments. After each issue we have listed the improvements and changes we plan to make for the 2011 events.

Friday Parking/Busing at Telemark
Parking at Telemark is not adequate to handle all the skiers trying to reach the lodge, especially Friday afternoon necessitating parking near the Pilot Fish Motel on Telemark Road. We will improve communication with parking attendants and increase the number of buses transporting skiers to Telemark and extend busing coverage time from 10 AM to 8 PM. 
Race Morning Parking/Busing from Hayward to Telemark
We have talked with the busing chief and will likely have additional buses leaving later for skiers parking at Donnellan Field and the Hayward High School parking lots. 
Gear Bags Splitting
We will allow skiers to use their own bags as an alternative to using plastic bags, although plastic bags will remain available.  There will be a size and weight limit set. Ski bags will also be allowed, but a fee will be charged. 
Skier Check-In and Bib Pick Up at Telemark
We have designed a more efficient method of check-in and registration receipt pick-up in the Pearson Room at Telemark. In addition, we will implement a more efficient flow of skier traffic for bib/chip/bag label and promo bag pick-up at Telemark.
Classic Tracks on the Kortelopet Course
Classic tracks on the Korte course changed sides several times and was at least confusing to many skiers. The "switching" was caused where the trail is too narrow to set two tracks. A mechanical limitation on our classic track setting equipment did not allow setting a single track on the same side of the trail in place of the double track. This mechanical limitation is being corrected.

Portable Toilets

We will add more portable toilets to areas near Telemark Lodge, the start area, and Como Parking.
Food Station Crowding
We will review and re-design some of the more congested food station areas to allow skiers to ski through without stopping or interference. The downhill into the Timber Trail food station will be divided for classic and skate skiers.
Food Station Food and Water
We are considering additional food such as cookies and chocolate at some of the food stations including the finish lines.  We will offer a vegetarian soup option at the finish line food stations and will consider additional food and beverage options.
Shortage of Energy Gel
The website and information materials will accurately identify what food and liquids are available at each food station.