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Aspen Park Jan 3 Race in Great Conditions

Race Results

Wed, Jan  4, 2006 - By Jeff Kalember

35-36 degrees, rain all day, I was expecting a bunch of slush...
But, the trails drained very well and were freshly groomed and packed.  It was a GREAT ski!! Yee haa!
I heard several options from those attending - klister (2), red extra (not much kick but some), no wax (#), double pole only - no kick.
Results - 5km

  Jeff Hervela         18:40
Jeff Kalember        18:55
Brendan Baic         20:50
Hap Wright           23:30
George Gambert       24:08
Nick Baic            25:35
Kevin Dunnolastname  29:10
After the race it cooled a little more to 33 degrees with a light snow.  Great conditions.  Aspen Park rules.