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Summer training program for Jr and HS XC skiers

Thu, Jun  17, 2010 - By Dan Wiitala

Superiorland cross country ski campThe Superiorland Ski Club will hold summer training program on Monday – Thursday starting June 21 and ending August 5, 2009.  Ages 12 – 19 are welcome and the cost for the program is $175.

The program will consist of 2 hour sessions on dryland and rollerskis, ski specific strength, agility, balance, and base endurance workouts.  The Club has some rental roller skis available during the sessions but participants are encouraged to buy and bring their own.

A kick-off and registration meeting will be held at Marquette Senior High School Track on Monday June 17 from 6 – 8 pm.

Contact for the summer program is Dan Wiitala at or 906 362-4462.