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Tough hills of Torsby waiting for the Swedish Cross-Country Squad

Thu, Jun  24, 2010 - By FIS

Swedish national team met for a training camp in Torsby on Monday. All the team members including Charlotte Kalla or Marcus Hellner realize it will be a tough one.

Rollerski and Ski Tunnel Sessions

Hovfjälls - rollerski races has been long known as an excellent test tool for every skier during summer. The Swedish squad has a tradition of attacking the 7.4 km long hill north of Torsby. "There is no exception this year, Hovfjälls - race is cruel but very useful workout for our athletes. It is probably not as long for the painful experience, but when they finish it they feel great satisfaction" explains Joakim Abrahamsson and ladies' coach Rikard Grip who will together men's sprint coach Arild Monsen will drill their adepts five days in the Värmland Torsby.

"The A Squad will naturally spend a lot of time in the ski tunnel: "This time it is important that athletes can work on fine-tuning their technique. We will film them and analyze results, test materials to improve our workouts. The tunnel is a true gold to us," says Joakim Abrahamsson and Rikard Grip. Another tough roller ski training will be carried out at the side of the tunnel.

Spectacular duel in Hudiksvall

After five days training camp in Torsby A Squad will move to Hudiksvall to train and participate in the city festival in SnöSvängen. There will be summer ski sprint race. A spectacular duel of 150 meters between Charlotte Kalla and Harness Järvsöfaks. ""There is and intensive and varied week ahead of us. And it feels really good. All skiers are read to start properly training. We are in the planning phase for the 2010/2011 World Cup season" says Joakim Abrahamsson and Rikard Grip.

Contributed by Swedish Ski Association