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First Annual TalviTohinat - Winter Scramble

Tue, Jan  10, 2006 - By Christian Giardina

The Keweenaw Land Trust (KLT) is a non-profit organization founded by local citizens that works to protect our natural heritage and quality of life through land conservation, stewardship, and education. We have hosted the HorseTail Scramble on the 4th of July for many years and are pleased this year to host our First Annual winter fundraising event, the TalviTohinat (a winter scramble in Finnish), in cooperation with the Heikinpaiva mid-winter celebration and with assistance from the MTU Land Trust and Conservancy Student Group supporting KLT.

We anticipate that the TalviTohinat will be as much fun as our summer scrambles have been. These are community fitness events that are major fundraisers for KLT. This first TalviTohinat features three timed competitive events: a 10 km freestyle cross-country ski race (1:00 PM) immediately followed by 5 km freestyle cross-country ski race (1:05 PM), and then a 2.5 km youth freestyle race (2:00 PM). We will also host a non-competitive and nontimed 6 km family/team scramble relay (2:30 PM). For this last event, teams of 4 participants will race four 1.5 km laps around the core loop.

All events will be held at the MTU Ski Trails, and will be followed by cider and snacks, awards, and a potluck. Registration fees are: $10 for timed 10 km and 5 km freestyle races, and voluntary donations for the timed 2.5K Kids’ Race and the 6K family/team scramble relay). In order to race or scramble, each participant will need to present their annual MTU Trails ski pass at the time of registration or purchase a $5 day use pass. Registration will be on race day from 10:00 - 12:30 AM at the MTU Ski Trails.

To learn more about how KLT is making a difference in the Keweenaw Peninsula or about the TalviTohinat Races, or if you would like to add your sponsorship support to this year’s event, please contact the KLT office at 906-482-0820 or our web site,