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Apsen Park Race Results

Wed, Jan  11, 2006 - By Jeff Kalember

33-35 degrees, rain all day, dirty snow on the sides of the road, mudpuddles everywhere, was not looking good...

But, Aspen Park groomed up perfectly, rock solid tracks and universal klister make for some great skiing!

5km race results

 Jeff Hervela     15:23
 Jeff Kalember    15:55
 Brendan Baic     16:24
 Mac              18:38
 Nick Baic        19:45
 George Gambert   19:56
 Phil Fast        21:21
 Bo Bice          24:11
 Brian Brian      25:10

Sorry about those last three guys and Mac.  I don't know your last names!!

Our snow up here in Gaylord continues to hold on for great classic skiing. Just enough for deep, groomed track.