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2010-2011 Michigan Cup Series Race Calendar

Tue, Jan  25, 2011 - By Mike Muha

Tentative schedule: expect some updates later!

Date Race Michigan Cup Distances:
Junior Women Men

Sat Dec 25 Christmas - - -
Sun Dec 26 Holiday Classic
Boyne Valley Lodge, Walloon Lake
8K 12K 12K

Sat Jan 1 Chestnut Valley Freestyle
Chestnut Valley Golf Course, Harbor Springs
11K 11K 11K
Sun Jan 2 Boyne Highlands Classic
Harbors Springs
5K 11K 11K

Sat Jan 8 Michigan Cup Team Time Trial (Freestyle)
Hanson Hills, Grayling
5K 5K 5K
Sun Jan 9 Grand Rapids Langlauf (Freestyle)
Hanson Hills, Grayling
5K 15K 15K

Sat Jan 15 Frosty Freestyle
Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton
5K 15K 15K
Sun Jan 16 Huron Meadows Invitational Classic (aka Krazy Klassic!)
Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton
 -  12K 12K

Sat Jan 22 Cote Dame Marie Loppet Freestyle
Hanson Hills, Grayling
15K 30K
Sun Jan 23 OPEN      

Sat Jan 29 Noquemanon Ski Marathon (CL or FR)
- 25/50K 25/50K
Sun Jan 30 OPEN      

Sat Feb 5 White Pine Stampede (CL or FR)
10K 20/40K 22/40K
Sun Feb 6 Michigan Cup Sprints
Timber Ridge Resort, Traverse City

Sat Feb 12 North American Vasa (CL or FR)
Traverse City
11K 27K/50K 27K/50K
Sun Feb 13 Gran Travers Classic
Traverse City
16K 16K 16K

Fri Feb 18 Michigan High School Championships Pursuit
Traverse City
M: 7.5/5K
W: 5/4K
- -
Sat Feb 19 Black Mountain Classic
- 30K 30K
  Michigan High School Championships Sprints
Traverse City
1.2K - -
Sun Feb 20 Hanson Hills Classic
Hanson Hills, Grayling
- 12K 12K

Sat Feb 26 Boyne Mountain (F/C TBD)
Boyne Falls
Sun Feb 27 Muffin Race Pursuit (Classic and Freestyle)
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, Higgins Lake
8K - -

Sat Mar 5 Boyne Highlands Freestyle
Harbor Springs
- 15K 15K
Sun Mar 6 Michigan Cup Relays (Classic and Freestyle)
Cross Country Ski Headquarters, Higgins Lake
3 x 8K 3 x 8K 3 x 8K

See the main event calendar for race details (as tehy become available) and for other races and events.