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In the tunnel testing skis...

Fri, Aug  20, 2010 - By FIS

Norway's waxing team has been in Torsby in the ski tunnel for ski testing. FIS Cross-Country talked to their boss, Knut Nystad who is passionate about his work and makes huge efforts to be better every race. Norwegian waxers closely work with athletes to achieve better results. Some of the national team help the wax crew to find out how skis behave on real snow.

Q: Do you carry out such tests in Torsby every year or is it a new thing?

Knut Nystad: No, it is not a new thing. We organize test sessions in Torsby every year. The reason we go there is that Torsby offers great training possibilities and ideal ski testing conditions.

Q: Is it only you crew carrying out the tests or are athletes involved?

KN: When we carry out tests it is important for us to receive feedback from athletes. Therefore we have in Torsby both our waxing team and some athletes.

Q: What is the main purpose of the tests?

KN: The main purpose of the trip is to test new skis, as well as to ensure that the service team has a great communication with the athletes and their needs. Planning of the season, how we should take out testing, by whom, when etc is of course also important. The better we plan, the more we practice our role, the better we can hopefully execute.

Q: How demanding the tests are? What actually do you test?

KN: We test glide, stability and kick. It is important that the athletes feel that the skis fit their technique, and that they believe that these skis can ensure a better result.