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Swedish Team: Off to snow on the Dachstein glacier

Wed, Sep  15, 2010 - By FIS

Charlotte Kalla, Marcus Hellner and the rest of the Swedish national team went to Ramsau for a training camp to build up their World Cup shape.

"Everyone in the team looks forward to skiing sessions on Dachstein glacier," said coach Joachim Abrahamsson.For the Swedish squad the World Championships in Oslo in late February will be the season's highlight. So far the preparations have gone according to plan. The team is now optimizing the shape before the season kick off in Bruksvallarna on 12-14th November and the World Cup premiere in Gällivare on November 20 -21.

Two Camps

Ramsau has become a traditional autumn training resort. Cross-Country team has gathered here since Thomas Wassberg's times in the late 1970s. This year the national team plans to come to Ramsau twice. One camp is planned for now in September (13-23/9) and the other one in October (11-22/10 ).

"Ramsau is almost our second home. We have everything here what we need to build up the shape, both physical and mental. Good snowconditions are reported on the glacier, which is 2600 meters above the sea level" explain coaches Abrahamsson and Grip.

Training schedule in Ramsau is uncompromising. Between 4.30 to 5 hours every day. "There will be skiing in the mornings and running or roller skiing plus weight training in the afternoon sessions. As usual we will implement dreaded Pichler - race, a roller ski pass from the valley to the foot of the gondola lift. We will also carry out mountain runs in extremely demanding climbs" reveals head coach Joakim Abrahamsson.

Anders Svanebo gets a chance

In addition to the conventional A- national team, there is a newcomer who got a chance to show off. Anders Svanebo is currently in the lead of the FIS Rollerski World Cup. "Anders has impressed us on the summer training camps with Team 2015 and definitely belongs to the group of skiers we wish to invest extra. Anders took part in the World Cup this spring both in Lahti and Falun. It is exciting to watch what development he has made" says Joakim Abrahamsson.

The health status of the Swedish team is reported to be good with the exception of Anders Södergren who was forced to stay home because of sore throat. Sprint squad is not in Ramsau. Coach Arild Monsen prepared for his group ten days in the classic Vålådalen.