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Vasa Announces 'Participation Award' For Students of Local Schools

Tue, Jan  17, 2006 - By Pete Edwards

The North American Vasa is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a NEW “Participation” Award – commemorating 30 prestigious years of cross country ski racing in Northern Michigan. The North American Vasa’s rich tradition of hosting some of North America’s and Europe’s best skiers while welcoming cross country skiers of all ages and abilities, has contributed to our success.

In recognition of this unique opportunity for recreational skiers to participate along side America’s best, the Vasa Board of Directors is pleased to award  “The 2006 North American Vasa Team Champion Cup” to the northern Michigan grade school, middle school or high school with the greatest number of participants (relative to school size). This new Team Champion Cup is a large traveling trophy that will be engraved with the winning school’s name, kept by the winning school for one year and then passed onto the next year’s winning school.

Cross country skiing is one of the best aerobic fitness activities in the world and the Vasa Board hopes to encourage more of our youth to participate in cross country skiing. The winning team will be chosen based on participation and not speed - racing is optional. Participation in any of the 2006 North American Vasa cross country ski races and cross country ski tours on Saturday, Feb. 11 will help dictate the winning school – the one with the greatest number of participants (relative to their school’s size). The emphasis is on participation – not time or length of course skied.

Each participating school will be asked to assign one staff person and/or parent to help register and recruit students for the 2006 North American Vasa cross country tours and races being held on Saturday, February 11th.

Northern Michigan’s ski resorts and touring centers have ski equipment rental and lesson programs to help launch new skiers of all ages successfully into the healthy pursuit of cross country skiing. For more information about learning to ski please contact the Great Lakes Northern Ski Council:  WWW.SKINORDIC.ORG

The 2006 North American Vasa is an official event of the “American Ski Marathon Series” and is also a “Michigan Cup” point race too.

For more information about “The 2006 North American Vasa Team Champion Cup”  please contact VASA Race Director Pete Edwards by calling 231-334-3080 or by email at or log onto the VASA website: WWW.VASA.ORG