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Rottefella Xcelerator binding 36% lighter

Mon, Oct  4, 2010 - By Mike Muha has pre-released information about the new Rottefella Xcelerator skate and classic cross country ski bindings for 2010-2011:

The new skate binding will be called the Xcelerator, and is considerably lighter than the previous model. A pair of oldskate bindings weighs 280 grams; the new, only 180 grams [36% lighter]. This is a marked decrease for a skier's sensitive feef. The new classic binding is also 100 grams lighter than the old model (172 grams to 272 grams [37% lighter].

It is focused on light material, which the manufacturer calls the advanced plastic and stainless steel, and only the caliper and pin for the boots that are in metal.
Not only the weight is decreased, it is also said that the new bond should provide increased power transmission for skating.

The binding will be available to regular skiers as well as World Cup racers this year. Rottefella is expected to make an official announcement about the binding in the near future.

Rottefella Xcelerator skate and classic cross country ski binding

Drawing from Rottefella patent application (PDF)