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Vote for NTN and more singletrack!

Tue, Oct  5, 2010 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The Noquemanon Trail Network is excited to announce a chance for trail enthusiasts to help build more trail. Our organization is competing for one of 10 $25,000 grants from Pepsi as part of their RefreshEverything campaign.

Voting is very easy, requiring just an initial signup and daily log in.  It takes less than a minute. Individuals can vote for up to 10 grant applicants every day and the top vote getters in each division receive funding.  There will be more information on the voting on our facebook page "NTN Singletrack".

You can also learn more about the program at Pepsi’s website To find our project search "NTN" in the search bar or by zip code 49855 in the $25,000 division.

Finally we are planning to make alliances with other organizations including several in the U.P. to help drive voting for each others’ causes.  Our first alliance is with the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center and with the Copper Harbor Improvement Fund.  Both of these programs have been in the running for a few months and are on the verge of getting funding for $250,000. This link will take you to a page where all 3 can be voted for quickly and easily ( We will be releasing more information on this as it becomes available.

Help us build more trails for Marquette—the SingleTrack crew.