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Busy with lots of changes to Forbush Corner trail system

Thu, Nov  11, 2010 - By Dave Forbush

We have been busy with LOTS of changes to the Forbush Corner trail system.

Four changes on Badlands

The "U" turn at the bottom of Glinda's Glide has been widened and the left turn at the virgin pine (below the Chateau) has been moved to the north side of the tree (more snow).  Also, the left turn at the top of Two Step hill has been "straightened."  The final change, comes just after Jackpine Jack's Cabin. Hope to start that one today.  The trail will turn up into the hills and then, comes back down onto the flats and goes back up into the hills at Two Step Hill.

More trees have been removed from the Badlands Trail (thanks Mario, Howard & Mike) and some corners changed.  Then the stumps were either pulled or cut flush with the ground.  Finally the ground was re-leveled.  It has now been seeded and the rocks removed that might interfer with the mower and the bottom of skis.

Forbush Corner cross country skiingRollercoaster

Rollercoaster has a couple of changes also.  The hairpin turn at the corner just south of the Chateau has been eliminated.  Instead the trail forks off near the old Bottomless drop and run along the south boundary and down onto the new land (see photo). Then a sweeping turn and it will climb back up to re-join the trail for the Chateau loop.  In response to protest from the feline, this new portion will be called, "Dorothy's Dip."  It will have about the same drop as the old bottomless but not so abrupt and it will face east instead of south.  This trail is roughed in with the brush cut and the stumps pulled.  Waiting on a bulldozer to finish it up.

The left turn at the bottom of Corkscrew has been eliminated.  The trail goes "straight" for a little way up into the the hills onto the new land.  Then it sweeps to the left and re-joins the trail at the meadow.  It too has been roughed in and is waiting for a bulldozer to finish.

The only flat stretch of Rollercoaster has been moved to the south into some rolling hills just below Rollercoaster Hill. 

The flat east/west stretch will be incorporated into a new trail, the Flatlands Trail.  It will share the common approach with Rollercoaster & Lil Coaster, proceed up the valley, make a right onto the old flat stretch of Rollercoaster, then make another right by the big maple and return to the lodge.


Pancake is one of our most popular trails.  Beginners like it for the obvious reason.  People learning to skate love it.  Serious trainers love it as a warm up and a cool down.  As a result, it gets lots of use.  We needed another flat trail.  FC prides itself on all the hills but the realities of the situation called for another flat trail.  Not easy to do in this part of the country.

Forbush Corner cross country skiingSnowshoe Trails

Ginnis and Rookie, Amy & Alex have been working on the new Chateau loop of the snowshoe trail.  It is almost completed.  Amazing how these snowshoe trails fit into the ski trail and have a character all of their own.  Alex and the girls are doing an excellent job creating this new trail.  It forks off the Blue trail at the old night trail.  Working its way into the back part of Rollercoaster, it has a rest stop on the deck of la Chateau.  Then it exits the back woods on the now abandoned left turn of Corkscrew and rejoins the Blue trail as it hooks into the Badlands.

The old Blue snowshoe trail has been lengthened (about 1 km.).  If you would like to snowshoe the old route, just follow the blue and white ribbons at the split for a shortcut.

Confused?  One sure way for it all to become clear would be to volunteer and help us get ready for next season.  Give a call if you have some free time.  LOTS of work to do around here but it is fun being in the woods with friends enjoying the summertime woods.  It is a different experience but just as much fun.  You will get a whole new outlook on the place in the winter when you visit during the summer.

Thanks to all those that have helped in the past, present and future.  You keep this place going.