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ABR opens today; West Yellowstone: too much snow?

Wed, Nov  24, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Says ABR:

We have been freezing down the base again after todays snowfall. We packed about 45 km but will be opening about 25 km of trails groomed flat without a classic track. Some of the main trails turned out quite nice for early season, others are still a bit rough. The best part is the trails are frozen in most places and at 15 they will continue to freeze tonight. The base is thin so we recommend caution and not using your one and only best set of skis. John Dees forecast is calling for steady 1-4 inches over the next few days so conditions are expected to improve daily.

In West Yellowstone, the Yellowstone Ski Festival has announced that SuperTour Sprint Showdown has been postponed from Wednesday (today) to Thursday at 11am due to weather. Many skiers can't get to the race site because of bad roads.

The SuperTour 10k (women) 15k (men) Freestyle distance race is still scheduled for Friday, and a 5k / 10k (women/men) classic race on Saturday.