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Soo Finnish Ski Club doing well at US Nationals

Wed, Jan  7, 2004

Another local skier from the Soo Finnish Ski Club in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario is doing very well at US Nationals.  Adam Kates, a Soo native, and skiing for Canada has one top ten, one top twenty and one top thirty finish at US Nationals.

Mens 30 K Classic

1.  Carl Swenson        1:16:49

23.  Adam Kates        1:24:12

Men's 10K Classic

1.  Carl Swenson        26:05

15.  Adam Kates        26:55

Men's 15K Freestyle

1.  Carl Swenson        22:58

9.  Adam Kates                23:59

Congratulations to our Canadian brothers.  We have all skied many k's at the STAR Trails and Stokely Creek and I am sure we have seen Adam at previous Hiawatha Invitationals.

 - Ernie Brumbaugh