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Forecast 'Marvelous' for White Pine Stampede

30th Anniversary

Tue, Jan  24, 2006 - By Dave Barrons & Jack McKaig

As of right now, the White Pine Stampede, scheduled for February 4th, appears to be in good shape. At least, the committee is expecting that we will have an event, for sure, and it is looking likely that we will run the 2006 Stampede as planned: 10km, 20km and 50km. Even if adjustments are required by last minute conditions we plan on holding the event, one way or another.

Forecasts look good, in fact, we are under a Winter Storm Watch for today. Skiers can keep abreast of snow reports and our latest plans by reading the updated column on the Home page of our web-siteā€¦. I will be updating that entry, daily, from now through February 3rd.

Our skier registrations are running ahead of most previous years. A marvelous 30 year anniversary celebration is instore.

Thanks, Dave Barrons, Public Relations
800 782 7910 ext 4115

Jack McKaig, Race Director
231 587 8351