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Human Powered Trail Grooming launches Classic Track Setter

Mon, Feb  21, 2011 - By Peter Foley

Human Powered Trail Grooming announced today that it has begun selling a classic track setter for those who want to groom their own ski trails but don’t have access to a snowmobile or mechanized groomer.  Asked for by many skiers who bought HPTG’s Skate Lane groomer, the classic model sets a single set of tracks.  The unit compacts a 24” wide path of snow and sets tracks as per FIS specifications.  The unit is available only at for $119, including shipping.

Human Powered Trail Grooming launches Classic Track SetterThe groomer features many of the same features as HPTG’s Skate Lane 1.1 model.  It is made of UHMW, an engineering grade plastic known for its durability, toughness, and especially for its low friction.  “UHMW is an expensive material but its friction – or lack of it – is second only to Teflon so it slides through the snow, packing it as it goes, with less effort needed to pull it versus other materials,” says HPTG’s Peter Foley.

As its name states the groomer is meant to be pulled by a person not a snowmobile.  The user needs a pair of snowshoes and 30 to 60 lbs of weight to place in the unit.  The track setter requires just a single pass to set tracks so most will find that in 30 minutes they can set close to a mile of track.  The company’s skate lane groomer requires multiple passes to develop a quality skate lane.

Human Powered Trail Grooming launches Classic Track Setter Available for just over a year, HPTG’s skate lane groomer is in use from Alaska to New York City, by individuals with enough land to make training loops, by high school Nordic ski team coaches who want their teams to ski right out the school’s door,  and by groups of skiers who share trail grooming duties in city parks.

Everyone who has bought a HPTG unit has a story about their own ski trail, each unique to their own situation but all resulting in making it easier for people to ski more.

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