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176 days later, still grooming in West Yellowstone

Late Season Snow

Sun, May  1, 2011 - By Sara Hoovler

It's May 1st, and we have now been skiing 176 consecutive days, and the snow is still deep and white some of the trails were groomed again this evening. For those so inclined, Rendezvous and WINDY RIDGE were groomed this evening. Skate and classic, with the cat. Windy is a little off camber and rolly in places from so many wind storms and new snow. But should still be pretty good skiing.

If anyone is interested we are in the endless winter in West Yellowstone.  Trails groomed this weekend with the piston bully, full coverage, many feet deep, no dirt-bare spots, midwinter race ski conditions. Bring your skis if headed to Yellowstone.