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Need Volunteers to Shovel Snow for the White Pine

White Pine Stampede

Thu, Feb  2, 2006 - By Mike Muha

The White Pine Stampede could use some help shovelling snow on Thursday and Friday. Give Bill Fleet (Trail Director/Head Groomer) a call on his cell phone 231-499-7736 after 7:00am in the morning to find out where to shovel.

Also, Hap Wright 231-582-4045) says you can meet him at the new high school parkin lot in Mancelona between 9:45-10:00am on Thursday - he's already talked to Bill and has some locations he's going to be working on.

Bring shovels, snow scoops, one-stage snow pups - anything that will move snow onto the course.

Watch the trail reports for Northern Michigan for any volunteer updates: