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Forbush Corner trail lengths

Mon, Oct  17, 2011 - By Dave Forbush

We clocked the distances on the Forbush Corner trail system. Thought that you would be interested in the results:

Rollercoaster              7.08 km  (4.4 miles)
Rollercoaster + Badlands  11.08 km  (6.9 miles)
Badlands                   6.0  km  (3.7 miles)
Lil Coaster                2.4  km  (1.5 miles)
Flatlands                  1.5  km  (0.9 miles)
Pancake                    1.3  km  (0.8 miles)
Perimeter Trail           12.5  km  (7.7 miles)
West Trail System total    8.5  km  (5.3 miles)

There is a very good chance of a major addition to the trails this season.

Forbush Corners cross country ski trails