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What's good for your car is good for your skis?

More waxing secrets

Thu, Oct  27, 2011 - By Joe Gollinger

Joe Gollinger owns Chi-Town Sports in Chicago.

I enjoyed the Alternative Waxing article ("What do dish soap, Lemon Pledge, and Rain-X have in common?"), and it made me want to tell my own story...

Last season I called Turtle Wax (a local Chicago Base Company) about developing a ski wax. An executive called back. He express an interest but ski waxing was not part of the Turtle Wax R&D at that time.

Using Nano Tech Speed Wax on the bottoms of cross country skis as a ski waxDuring are conversation I explained some basic waxing 101. He recommend a new Turtle Wax product called Nano-Tech Speed Wax. And their customer service department sent me a sample (guess the Chicago connection helped).

So it's the end of the season at our local golf course, ArrowHead in Wheaton, IL. I used an old pair of Germina Skis that have not been waxed in years! I spray some Nano-Tech Speed Wax on the night before; it forms a semi-clear white coating. I scrape lightly, than brush with both Nylon and Horsehair brushes. The bases looked like a new car in a show-room.

Anyways, the results were similar to what Glenn Goodman and Robin Luce found out in the article. The only difference? It appeares the Nano-Tech Speed Wax had longer durability than the products tested at the Nordic Fest. I skied at least a solid hour on the stuff.

That's about it. I don't claim to be a Wax Tech and my skiing sucks but I wanted to share this tidbit after reading the alternative waxing article on